Representing Indonesia, West Kalimantan Win Big at Sarawak Premiere Muay Thai Championship Cup 2024

Indonesia has attained a commendable achievement in its neighboring country, Malaysia. This notable feat was accomplished at Sarawak Premiere Muay Thai Championship Cup 2024. It was held at the Naim Bintulu Paragon Street Mall from May 22nd to May 26th, 2024. The championship brought together 200 participants from Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Sudan, Iran, and Thailand, reflecting its international significance.

Muaythai West Borneo Team, source:

It was organized by the Sarawak Muaythai Association in collaboration with several Malaysian government agencies and private institutions and licensed under the International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA) based in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Representing Indonesia, West Kalimantan brought 12 fighters to the competition. After 5 days of competition, Their hard work paid off as they successfully won 8 gold medals, 7 silver medals, and 1 bronze medal. This achievement was thanks to the hard work of the athletes and the full support of the Kalbar Provincial Government.

"The Sarawak Muaythai Association supports the progress of Muaythai athletes' achievements. He believes that taking part in more championships will be directly proportional to the increase in athletes' achievements. Ajan, Sarawak Muaythai's coach, also conveyed the same thing. He said that the development of West Kalimantan Muaythai was quite rapid, and during this championship, West Kalimantan was able to win 8 gold medals. This is an improvement in achievement compared to the previous year, where West Kalimantan won 2 gold medals," said Yohanes Iwan, Vice Chair Of West Kalimantan's Muaythai Association. 

Their Coach, Ajan from Sarawak acknowledged West Kalimantan's rapid progress in Muay Thai development, citing their remarkable improvement from won 2 gold medals the previous year to clinching 8 gold medals in this championship.

Emonika, the gold medalist in the 43 kg semi-pro class, sees this event as an opportunity to set her new records and prepare for upcoming championships. Her hope is for West Kalimantan atlethes to continue achieving greatness in both national and international Muay Thai competitions.

Bima, Muaythai Fighter, Source;

In addition, Bima managed to bring two medals, namely one gold for amateur and a silver medal for semi-pro. Meanwhile, Mutia managed to win two gold medals in two categories at once.

Ade Mutia, Muaythai Fighter, Source:

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